What is the daily rotation of activity?

Children are organized into appropriate groups and spend 45 min to an hour at one sport or activity before going on to the next. Our main focus is tennis but other sports include volley ball, basketball, soccer and golf (golf is a part of all half day programs but is optional in the full day program). Indoor games and arts & crafts are worked into the schedule based on weather. We are always looking into adding other activities to the curriculum and always looking for ways to add new fun and interest!


How are the children divided into groups?

Children are organized into appropriate groups based on age and the program they sign up for. If children are registered for the same program and the ages are compatible, you may request your child be paired with a friend or sibling and we will be more than happy to accommodate.


What is the age range of children in the program?

We will accept children between the ages of 5 and 14.  We also have hour long ‘future stars’ classes that are suitable for children as young as five.


*It is strongly recommended that Parents be realistic about whether or not their younger children are ready for the program. The programs are of an active nature and we require the child be able to follow instruction and stay with the group. Children that have a tendency to “wander” or children who required individualized attention are not ready for the program. We put safety first and if one child demands all the attention from the counselor it is not fair to the other participants…


What happens in the event of rain?

We have a full schedule of rainy day activities planned incase of inclement weather. Each group is assigned a shelter or indoor area where children will enjoy games, crafts and ot her activities until the rain passes. We attempt to link our indoor activities to the sports we offer. For example; sports related pictionary, quizzes, and discussions. This is also an excellent opportunity for team building and leadership exercises.


What is the ratio of supervision?

Each counselor is assigned to a maximum of eight participants. Depending on the overall numbers for the week, we may also have supervisory level counselors who are not assigned to a group so they can continually monitor the whole camp and check in from group to group to ensure safety, enthusiasm and that the activities are running safely and smoothly. There is also a camp manager/ owner overseeing the group each week and an office manager overseeing administration.


What are the qualifications of your staff?

All of our employees participate in regular training. They receive training on camp activities and procedures, first aid, child safety and interaction. All staff members are chosen carefully; based on experience, qualifications and their ability to interact with children.

Our staff members include certified tennis professionals, school teachers and coaches. We always have a good number of staff on site with training in first aid and CPR. At Joshua Creek Sports we realize that having competent, qualified, enthusiastic staff members is essential to the success of our operation and therefore employ a very selective hiring process. We typically get comments from parents that our counselors tend to be older and more mature than what they have experienced at other camps and that this provides an increased level of comfort. Our camp is relatively small and the groups tend to work in close proximity with one another allowing us to closely monitor all our staff.


What does my child have to bring?

Due to the athletic, active nature of the program we ask that children come prepared with food, water bottle, a hat, and sunscreen. We have morning and afternoon snack and water breaks. If you are dropping your child off early or picking them up late a book or something to pass the time is a good idea. Please refrain from brining anything of significant value.


Is food provided?

From Monday through Thursday food is not provided. Please make sure your children bring a healthy lunch, morning and afternoon snacks and a water bottle. Drinking water is provided at the club for refilling bottles. We request that you do no send products containing peanuts under any circumstances. On Friday’s a BBQ lunch (including juice,chips and hot dogs) is provided for full day participants!!!!!!


IMPORTANT NOTE: We have a strict “no nut” policy. Please do not send you child with any products that may contain peanuts…!


What happens in the event of unusually hot or humid weather?

The safety and well being of the children is first and foremost. We will modify our program if the weather necessitates by reducing the intensity level of activity, taking extra breaks, making sure everyone is drinking lots of water and spending more time indoors or under our shade structures. Our staff will ensure that all children are wearing their hats, drinking water and applying sun screen as required. If a child appears to be under some duress from to much heat or activity they will be taken inside and allowed to rest or cool down in the air conditioning.


How is inappropriate behavior handled?

Although the main focus is on fun, we require a certain level of discipline from participants to ensure children are spending the day in an environment that is conducive to safety and learning. Our counselors are trained to deal with simple incidences of inappropriate behavior and parents will be contacted if their child becomes a distraction or a danger to other students.


Special Issues-Is my child right for this camp?

Joshua Creek Sports is a very accommodating group and we are definitely willing to make an effort with your child. If your child has a medical concern (ie. diabetes, carries an epi-pen, asthma, allergies…) that we need to be aware of, please let us know and we will be extra aware. If there are behavioral concerns we will be as patient as we can. All that being said; the camp is very active in nature and can demand a lot of energy and focus from the children. If a child demands so much attention that they need their own counselor to attend to them or if the child takes too much attention away from the rest of the group we may be hesitant to recommend our camp. We are also very strict in terms of safety; if a child displays regular incidences of dangerous or violent behavior, parents will be contacted immediately and the child will not be allowed to participate in the rest of the camp.


What is the photo policy?

We do take group pictures of the children on a weekly basis and print them in order to distribute to the children in each camp group. These group photos are not shared on the internet or shared with anyone outside of your child’s group. From time to time, we will take photos and/ or video of camp activities and use them for marketing materials and on the web. Please let us know if you have any concerns related to this policy.


What is your refund policy?

If two weeks notice is provided a full refund (less $20 administration fee) will be given. Without required notice refunds will only be considered if extenuating circumstances apply. For a full description of terms of registration please click here.


How do I get a Tax Receipt?

Our program does qualify for the Children’s Fitness Tax Credit. All receipts are issues at the end of our Camp Season. Please email a request for a receipt to fun@joshuacreeksports.ca and you will be emailed one in September.